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In "Undercover Rangers" Jen and Wes go indercover in a gym. But, if they're undercover, why are they still wearing their chrono morphers? Wouldn't someone notice?

In "Trakeena's Revenge Part I" Leo fights the Ghouls on the planet Miranoi. But then where did all the buildings, streets, and bridges come from?

In "Movie Madness Part I" Wes takes the place of an injured stunt double. But if this was a real movie, wouldn't the audience wonder why the actor suddenly has something on his arm? (aka the chrono morpher.)

When Eric became leader of the Silver Guardians, why did he wear the regular troop hat in "Trip Takes a Stand" and "Trust and Triumph"?

In "Trakeena's Revege Parts I & II" why was Leo's voice dubbed for most of the two episodes? I didn't hear a difference, but it seems there was.

Why do Maligore and Dark Specter look exactly the same?

What happened to Dimitria and Blue Senturian after they left Earth?

How did Astronema know that the ex-Turbo Rangers were actual rangers?


In "Destiny Defeated" when Wes runs out of the limo and into the Clock Tower he is wearing a white shirt. But when he attacks Frax his shirt is the same blue one he was wearing earlier in the episode.

In "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" when the Zords transform into the megazord, you see the head attached when the Wolf Zord's arm attaches. Then the Crane Zord comes down and attaches onto the neck forming the head.

In "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" Skull's hotdog wiener keeps appearing and disappearing while he and Bulk are listening to Lt. Stone.

When Divatox arrives on Muiranthias, Jason is seen walking along barefoot, but when they reach the temple, he's wearing his shoes.

In "Grandma Matchmaker" the police car that Ashley's Grandma is driving has it's license plates backwards. (This is because the footage of the taxi is from the Japanese sentai footage. I'm guessing they flipped it so the driver's seat is on the other side.)

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